From Inside Out to Dão DOC

The development of a signature in photography, a unique language that ties everything together within the frame is an extremely difficult exercise – many fail in due course, the majority never tries. In 2014 I’ve published Inside Out, my attempt to create and develop my own signature; I have done so by carefully choosing the subject, one that allows me to be creative in a relatively controlled environment.
Inside Out depicts modern day life inside our homes, trying to create associations between the elements inside the frame, excluding facial expressions in the process.
From 2014 until today I’ve produced a few series where part(s) of this “graphic code” has been used – Inside Out itself has evolved and the most recent images of the series – to be published early 2017 – are less rigid, nevertheless in line with the initial intent.
In Dão DOC, my latest published essay, some of this “language” continues to be used, trimmed and merged with the most common rules of photography. The resulting aesthetics are, from my biased point of view, more mature, more appealing, helping to consolidate my own concept of “graphic code” inside the frame. Although essays like “Falling From the Summit” embrace this approach in a much more vivid fashion; in a way, the subtlety of Dão DOC may be more appealing to some.

First set of images, on top of the page: Dão DOC, below Inside Out.

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