Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash Review – Part One

efx500boxBoxing is typical Fujifilm X Series fashion, big black elegant boxes, white letters and graphics

The brand new Fujifilm EF-X500 flashgun arrived yesterday straight from Fujifilm Portugal – actually I received a pair of these units. This is the first part of a detailed review that I started straight away, after all Fujifilm was missing a proper, professional grade flash system and the EF-X500 promises to deliver. The guide number is 50m at 100 ISO @ 105mm.

The first part of this review will focus on the design and perceived quality, first impressions to put it simply and I have to say that straight out of the box the EF-X500 is impressive. Build quality is second to none, Canon and Nikon are clearly overshadowed: touch, materials, dials and buttons are top notch, but flaps and hinges are a step further and there is no sense of fragility whatsoever. These units seem to be build to last forever. They are made in China, not in Japan, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference regarding build quality.

EFX500LCD.jpgControl buttons are backlit – the LCD in standard flash mode provides plenty of information, well laid out and easy to read, backlit in green

Enjoy the first set of pictures, part two will cover essential features and functions of the EF-X500, soon.

EFX500BACKtif.jpgFinishing resembles X-Series cameras, leather like material, good standard and incredible looks for a flash

EFX500SHOE_DIFFUSER.jpgGood quality soft case included – it holds the EF-X500, mini-stand and diffuser

EFX500DIFFUSERONtif.jpgTo attach the diffuser you must remove the accessory mount cover – clever, thus reducing diffuser size

EFX500WIDEtif.jpgCatchlight and wide panel (minimum coverage 20mm focal length in 35mm equivalent, which is basically 14mm in APS-C terms)

EFX500BATTERYLID.jpgBattery chamber-cover is solid and well designed, easy to operate on the go

efx500powerEF-BP1 will be available as an external power source – it will be connected to this socket

EFX500MADEINCHINA.jpgMade in China – this time Fujifilm opted to leave Japanese manufacturing out of the equation

EFX500LEDtif.jpgLED light is powerful – this shot was made without any further lighting. It can be used for video, AF low light beam and/or catchlight

EFX500LCD2.jpgLCD in standard flash mode, backlight off

EFX500LCD3.jpgLCD in remote flash mode

EFX500LCD4.jpgLCD in master flash mode

EFX500XPRO21655tif.jpgMounted on a X-Pro2: perfect balance and size, given the guide number and available functions

Photographs: one LED light source, Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Fujinon XF35mm f 1.4


Publicado por John Gallo

I am a social documentary photographer, videographer and writer. I believe we need to focus on people, on human beings; we need to humanize the planet, to change our relationship with Nature and assure next generations a much brighter future. Winner of the 2015 The Guardian/Royal Photographic Society's Joan Wakelin Award. Sou fotógrafo sócio-documental, ensaísta e escritor. Acredito que o nosso foco têm que ser as pessoas; urge humanizar o planeta, alterar a relação que temos tido com a Natureza e garantir que não hipotecamos o futuro dos nossos filhos. Em 2015 o jornal The Guardian (UK) e a Royal Photographic Society distinguiram o meu trabalho atribuindo-me o Joan Wakelin Award.

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