Coordame “Mar Flat” wrist strap


Hand made in Portugal by Coordame, this is one of the finest wrist straps I’ve ever tried. It will have a place of its own alongside my X-E2s, replacing an industrial made, characterless, Joby.



Made of 8mm flat hollow cord – it naturally assumes a 13mm flat form factor, it is extremely lightweight and anti-perspirant – this one is military green, one of my favourite colours. The finishing is made of high-quality Portuguese leather and a small disc completes the set, which is a clever solution to prevent wear and tear around the camera hinge that supports the strap.


I used it for a week on an X-Pro2 with several different lenses, from the small, lightweight, 18mm f2 to the “massive” 50-140 f2.8 and I have to say that it was a real pleasure to use. The strap is made of a gentle, natural, pleasing material (non abrasive to your skin) and the leather made adjuster is easy to use.


Wrist straps from Coordame cost 18 Euros, shipping included to mainland Portugal, plus shipping if dispatched to a different country – a bargain given the quality of their products. If you’re looking for a trendy, high quality wrist strap, look no further – highly recommended! Of course, you can choose strap colour and stitching colour to suit your preferences – and packaging is retro styled, an absolute must.



Started in April 2016, Coordame Straps, is a small project that offers high quality fully handmade camera straps (wrist straps and neck straps) with add-on strap accessories. It’s an original fusion of Portuguese sailing and leather work history and the love for photography – “Coordame”, two words merged in just one “Cordame” – old word for rope/cord – and “Couro” – leather – each strap is made by hand from Portuguese leather, using high quality european cords.


According to Coordame, their straps and wrist straps are made with the users of mirrorless cameras in mind, such as: Fuji X Series, Olympus, Leica M, Sony’s, Pentax, rangefinders, point-and-shoot, although they state it is also possible to attach them to small-size DSLRs cameras.


For all inquiries about Coordame Straps please email:


Instagram: @coordamestraps

Facebook page: coordamestraps


All of Coordame Straps are handmade to order. Order processing time is within 4-6 business days unless otherwise noted (a notification will be emailed to the customer in case of an order delay). All payments by Bank transfer (Portugal) or PayPal (EU). Prices are in Euros (call to know).

Shipping Methods: Orders are shipped via the Portuguese Postal Service (CTT) in Registered Standard shipping method for both Portugal and international (Please allow between 9 to 15 business days to the rest of the world. Delivery times for all shipping methods are estimated).

Tracking number is provided for all orders (track your items on the Portuguese CTT website and after leaving Portugal, some countries Postal Service websites allow to track it inside the country).


All photographs Fujifilm X100T, one LED light source, Classic Chrome, ACR, Photoshop to taste.






Publicado por John Gallo

I am a social documentary photographer, videographer and writer. I believe we need to focus on people, on human beings; we need to humanize the planet, to change our relationship with Nature and assure next generations a much brighter future. Winner of the 2015 The Guardian/Royal Photographic Society's Joan Wakelin Award. Sou fotógrafo sócio-documental, ensaísta e escritor. Acredito que o nosso foco têm que ser as pessoas; urge humanizar o planeta, alterar a relação que temos tido com a Natureza e garantir que não hipotecamos o futuro dos nossos filhos. Em 2015 o jornal The Guardian (UK) e a Royal Photographic Society distinguiram o meu trabalho atribuindo-me o Joan Wakelin Award.

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