Hyperion wrist strap


A few weeks ago I’ve reviewed Hyperion Camera Neck Strap – now I got a similar, but shorter, wrist strap from Hyperion. Well, different colour but all the same feeling, quality and plush.


Hyperion is selling these camera straps on ebay – they are hand made in Greece; Pablo manufactures every single one with love – one by one, by hand and tailor made. You can set specific length, color and trimming.


Neck and Wrist Handmade Camera Straps, 238 Colour combinations to choose from. Fully Customizable in Length. Worldwide Shipping.

Link to Hyperion Camera Neck Strap review here.


Website: https://www.hyperioncamerastraps.com

Order processing

Email Pablo: pabloko@msn.com , telling him the type, the colour combo you want and your mailing address. He will make the strap and send you a photo of it when ready, to approve it. He will mail you the strap – good news, soon it will be in your hands.

You can pay through pay-pal or bank transfer.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HyperionCameraStraps/?fref=ts

ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HYPERION-Handmade-Neck-and-Wrist-Camera-Straps-/272404353338

Photographs: Fujifilm X100T Black – One light bulb, handheld. Classic Chrome film simulation, RAW and Adobe ACR, Photoshop to taste.


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