What do I see here? And you?

1841-8Eat as much as you like, from 1841

Brighton, England. What we’ve become: for £3.50 (happy hour) one can eat as much as one can. In this city alone, hundreds are homeless, many have nothing to eat, scavengers multiply. What if we go in and for £3.50 we may pack as much as we’d like to give to people in need? What about if we could be less greedy, what about if we could share more? Happy hour for people starving… Why not?

This buffet, hidden in a corner in Brighton tells us what we really are: envious, greedy selfish bastards that try to have as much as we can for as little money as possible. Politicians and economists have been legitimating this behaviour – they call it neo-liberalism or ultra-liberalism and it is on show on every street of the so called “developed world”.

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