A better, peaceful 2017 – we desperately need it… Wars and terror must end.


Syria and the middle-east are a problem created and fuelled by the western world – I believe it is about time politicians in USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel and friends assume they have tremendous responsibility in the dramatic events that have been unfolding in that part of the world for decades. I’m not saying terrorism is an acceptable response, much less radical groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are welcome, far from it – what they do and the type of actions they value and inspire others practising are unspeakable. What I’m saying is that terror will carry on bringing more and more terror to western cities, killing innocent citizens indiscriminately; many of these victims, believe it or not, do not support the actions of western countries and their continuos intrusion in the middle-east. Stop this carneficina, bring freedom back to our streets, let us live our lives peacefully.

Human beings MUST cherish each other, regardless.

I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful New Year.

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