Dead Cameras Wrist Strap

Handmade with premium leather by Dead Cameras, this wrist strap is extremely elegant, crafted from high quality materials and a pleasure to use; I have used used it with one of my Fujifilm X-Pro2 cameras and the combination is stunning, and perfect for street photographers._dsf2997The strap is delivered inside a well designed specific pouch; two protective leather discs and a clip are bundled together – your camera will appreciate the extra protection given by the leather discs and the clip we surely help you fitting the wrist strap in place.


_dsf3002The strap itself is made of heavy leather and the ending and protection disc from top grain leather. At 21cm long, it maybe a bit short for some users, specially until the leather breaks in.  The rubber “O” ring allows you to adjust the strap to your wrist.

_dsf3021There are different color/color combinations to suit your taste.


The wrist strap sells for €39.80, from AFShoot Shop.

So, if you’re looking for an exclusive, elegant leather wrist strap for your rangefinder/CSC, I believe this is the one that better fits this type of camera, although a bit pricey, which is clearly justifiable given the materials that have been used to manufacture the strap. Enjoy the images below and order yours from AFShoot Shop. You can choose the color of the dot, either red or black – nice touch!



Publicado por John Gallo

I am a social documentary photographer, videographer and writer. I believe we need to focus on people, on human beings; we need to humanize the planet, to change our relationship with Nature and assure next generations a much brighter future. Winner of the 2015 The Guardian/Royal Photographic Society's Joan Wakelin Award. Sou fotógrafo sócio-documental, ensaísta e escritor. Acredito que o nosso foco têm que ser as pessoas; urge humanizar o planeta, alterar a relação que temos tido com a Natureza e garantir que não hipotecamos o futuro dos nossos filhos. Em 2015 o jornal The Guardian (UK) e a Royal Photographic Society distinguiram o meu trabalho atribuindo-me o Joan Wakelin Award.

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