Antes dos drones…


Antes dos drones a malta ia de helicóptero, faziam-se os bonecos (com a mesma EOS 1V-HS) e cobrava-se uma fortuna ao cliente… Bons tempos!


Comparing Drones – DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, and Inspire 2 – Lens Rentals Blog, by Joshua Richardson

Mavic_Pro_Below has drones! I can see you opening another tab to reserve your copy (wave to the drone flying outside your window), but first, let’s take a minute to find out which one best suits the needs of your shoot and free-flying spirit.

You may already be acquainted with drones from that time your dad flew a freshly unwrapped quadcopter into grandma’s hair, cousin Dale’s eye, and then nested it in a tree during that infamous holiday gathering. We won’t talk about that. Nevertheless, as with most technology, affordably priced drones have gotten much smarter in the last couple years, so it’s worth revisiting your options. We are currently stocking three drones from DJI that range from hobbyist grade to professional. I’ll use the rest of this article to compare their features and prices so you can make the best decision possible for your rental.

They’ve been called UAVs, UAFs, RPAs, RPVs, quadcopters, and quadrotors, but drone seems to have become the ubiquitous term for small unmanned flying vehicles. I’ll use that term from here on out. As referenced in the previous paragraph, drones have been populating top gift lists en masse since 2013 when DJI released the Phantom 1. While the first Phantom was truly an innovative product, the newest offerings from DJI, with their built-in three-axis stabilized cameras and optical avoidance systems, make the first Phantom look more like a proof of concept. The three models that I will detail here have very similar incredibly-engineered flight systems that only a company that has been tweaking their already stellar software and hardware for over ten years could pull off. I’d recommend any of the drones we carry but each one to a different type of pilot.

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Porto, many, many years ago… With a stunningly fast Canon EOS 1V-HS…


Porto, many, many years ago… With a stunningly fast Canon EOS 1V-HS… 10 fps…

Ainda mal se falava do digital, tínhamos slides, grandes lentes e grandes câmaras… e 36 fotogramas em cada rolo…

Produzida com uma Canon EOS 1V- HS… despachava um rolo de 36 fotogramas em 3,6 segundos…

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Weather sealed does not mean waterproof, Richard Butler (DP Review)


It shouldn’t need saying, but weather resistant, weather sealed and environmentally sealed do not mean waterproof. A cursory glance at your warranty should make this clear: no matter how good a reputation your brand has, if it isn’t covered by the warranty, you’re in ‘at your own risk’ territory.

Roger Cicala’s latest blog post over at Lens Rentals shows the damage that can occur when a nominally weather sealed camera gets wet—both the damage and the detective work made clearer by the fact that this particular camera took a dip in salt water. Cicala follows the path of the corrosion throughout the camera and explains why an encounter with seawater may render your camera not just non-functioning, but completely irreparable.

As is so often the case with Cicala’s ‘big picture’ blog posts, don’t get too hung up on the specific model he’s dissecting. As he points out in the comments, he’s written off some of every brand from salt-water damage.

Check out some of the pictures from this particularly painful teardown at the top, and then click the big blue button below to see the full post on Lens Rentals.

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Live gigs!


O projecto que estamos a produzir para o Município de São Pedro do Sul e cuja conclusão se prevê para o Outono de 2018, inspira-se nas muito diversas mais valias do concelho – a maior estância termal da Península Ibérica e uma das maiores da Europa, a hotelaria de excelência que serve a cidade, a serra e a paisagem inimitável, a recuperação do balneário romano – que está em curso – e onde D. Afonso Henriques foi a banhos para tratar da sua perna partida.


Ficam aqui algumas imagens produzidas durante o Festival da Água 2017, um dos festivais que enche a cidade durante os meses de Verão; estrelas da música nacional, RFM Dance Floor (completamente à pinha nas Piscinas do Gerós), gente muito bem disposta a animar uma cidade cheia de encantos.

Todas as imagens © Município de São Pedro do Sul

Todas as imagens Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, Olympus M.Zuiko Digital, 75mm f1.8, 40-150mm f2.8 PRO + MC14 Teleconverter, Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 PRO.

ACR, Photoshop to taste, no digital manipulation.