No Surrender – Celebrating New Year!

From 2018 to 2019 – people having fun at Município de Viseu, Portugal. It was cold, but the party went on and on and on… Very special (micro) essay focused on one of the most iconic nights of the year. This will be part of my “No Surrender” series about Viseu – ongoing now forContinue a ler “No Surrender – Celebrating New Year!”


What happens at ISO 20000?

What happens at ISO 20000? Well, pretty much a bit of grain. These photographs were taken with available light – believe me “available” is an overstatement. Two or three 40W lightbulbs, scattered along the stage, musicians moving all over the place. Even at f1.4 things were hard. So cranking up the ISO was basically theContinue a ler “What happens at ISO 20000?”

Feliz 2018

Escolhi esta fotografia de um peregrino, exausto depois de cumprir a sua promessa, junto à Capela das Aparições em Fátima em pleno 13 de Maio, para ilustrar sacrifício, dedicação e fé. Não necessariamente num credo em particular, em nenhum em especial. A Humanidade precisa, desesperadamente, de uma inversão de valores. Temos que deixar de endeusarContinue a ler “Feliz 2018”