What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?

Well, not much you may say. But you can do a lot, yes, indeed you can. I bought a pair of MCOPlus LED 322A video lights from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon, with the sole purpose of using them for still photography. At less than €75 each, they were a steal. Obviously, forget mega productions, massiveContinue a ler “What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?”


Manfrotto Pixi and Pixi Evo

Roughly one year ago Manfrotto has launched the Pixi Evo, a miniature lightweight tripod with two-section legs and five adjustable steps. The Pixi Evo represents a design update over the original Pixi mini tripod, and is designed, in part, to support entry-level DSLRs with large lenses. I got mine from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon. Maximum load capacityContinue a ler “Manfrotto Pixi and Pixi Evo”

Genesis BH 34 Arca Swiss head and Giottos Carbon Fibre Tripod GT8223

I’ve been using this set for quite a while, both the Arca Swiss head from Genesis, model reference BH 34 and Giottos Carbon Fibre Tripod GT8223. For all of you out there working on a mirrorless based system, weight is paramount – at only 1150 grams (tripod 810 grams, head 340 grams), this is anContinue a ler “Genesis BH 34 Arca Swiss head and Giottos Carbon Fibre Tripod GT8223”

Workshop Fujifilm em Algés, Street Photography

Fim-de-semana a correr, do Porto para Lisboa na quase madrugada de sábado, depois de ter estado na festa de aniversário do P3 na Casa da Música na cidade do Porto e me ter esquecido das horas. Viagem tranquila, tardia para leitão no Pedro dos Leitões – fica para a próxima… Noite bem dormida no Sana MetropolitanContinue a ler “Workshop Fujifilm em Algés, Street Photography”

Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash Review – Part One

Boxing is typical Fujifilm X Series fashion, big black elegant boxes, white letters and graphics The brand new Fujifilm EF-X500 flashgun arrived yesterday straight from Fujifilm Portugal – actually I received a pair of these units. This is the first part of a detailed review that I started straight away, after all Fujifilm was missing aContinue a ler “Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash Review – Part One”