Digital manipulation – What is and what isn’t

Digital manipulation – what is and what isn’t? Beyond ethics, what can we really consider as acceptable nowadays? Before we speak about manipulation let’s not forget pure and plain lies. Many photographers have been caught lying about location, context, subject manipulation on their photographs – beforehand this is about ethics, has nothing to do withContinue a ler “Digital manipulation – What is and what isn’t”


Weather sealed does not mean waterproof, Richard Butler (DP Review)

It shouldn’t need saying, but weather resistant, weather sealed and environmentally sealed do not mean waterproof. A cursory glance at your warranty should make this clear: no matter how good a reputation your brand has, if it isn’t covered by the warranty, you’re in ‘at your own risk’ territory. Roger Cicala’s latest blog post overContinue a ler “Weather sealed does not mean waterproof, Richard Butler (DP Review)”


Depois da tragédia de Pedrogão, depois da tragédia que assolou os distritos de Viseu, Coimbra e Leiria, em que mais de cem pessoas perderam a vida chegou, sem dúvida alguma, o momento de olhar para a floresta em Portugal com olhos de ver. Inferno estreia em Novembro, produzido pela Chappa.

Fujifilm Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Viseu

It is about time to say something about Fujifilm FIF Viseu – after all I have the responsibility to manage the Festival, trying to provide some guidance to a very small team of extremely talented persons: Ana, Guida, Luís you’re one of kind and this Festival will happen because you are gifted – it is my honourContinue a ler “Fujifilm Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Viseu”

The real price – Fujifilm GFX 50S

Plenty has been said about the price of the new medium-format camera from Fujifilm. More often than not comments are something like “fabulous piece of kit, uncanny image rendition and quality, unbelievable sharpness and detail, the minus being the price”. I’m not a medium format user, although I used to be back in the daysContinue a ler “The real price – Fujifilm GFX 50S”

The ultimate Fujifilm X Series Lenses comparison

Fujinon XF 16-55mm f2.8 R LM WR versus four Fujinon primes: 16mm f1.4, 23mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4 and 56mm f1.2 We all know the commitment Fujifilm has to provide the best lenses one can have. We also know, as a rule of thumb, that zooms are for versatility and primes for optical quality and imageContinue a ler “The ultimate Fujifilm X Series Lenses comparison”

Hyperion wrist strap

A few weeks ago I’ve reviewed Hyperion Camera Neck Strap – now I got a similar, but shorter, wrist strap from Hyperion. Well, different colour but all the same feeling, quality and plush. Hyperion is selling these camera straps on ebay – they are hand made in Greece; Pablo manufactures every single one with loveContinue a ler “Hyperion wrist strap”

What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?

Well, not much you may say. But you can do a lot, yes, indeed you can. I bought a pair of MCOPlus LED 322A video lights from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon, with the sole purpose of using them for still photography. At less than €75 each, they were a steal. Obviously, forget mega productions, massiveContinue a ler “What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?”

Manfrotto Pixi and Pixi Evo

Roughly one year ago Manfrotto has launched the Pixi Evo, a miniature lightweight tripod with two-section legs and five adjustable steps. The Pixi Evo represents a design update over the original Pixi mini tripod, and is designed, in part, to support entry-level DSLRs with large lenses. I got mine from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon. Maximum load capacityContinue a ler “Manfrotto Pixi and Pixi Evo”

Mário Macilau, até 31 de Julho

O fotógrafo moçambicano Mário Macilau, uma figura de destaque de uma nova e impressionante geração de fotógrafos Africanos, apresenta trabalho da série ‘Out of Town’ – um retrato com grande poder poético das populações rurais do Quénia e de Moçambique. A não perder, até 31 de Julho na Galeria Belo-Galsterer, na Rua Castilho, 71 R/C Esq.Continue a ler “Mário Macilau, até 31 de Julho”