What’s in a photo?

Terror é algo a que nos habituámos nos últimos anos. Sabemos que nenhum lugar é seguro, nenhuma cidade está a salvo. Esta fotografia retrata, de forma teatral, a potencial ameaça que todos enfrentamos nas nossas ruas, aeroportos, teatros, ciclovias. A postura do esqueleto, misto de admiração e terror, parece contrastar com a calma impassível dosContinue a ler “What’s in a photo?”


A better, peaceful 2017 – we desperately need it… Wars and terror must end.

Syria and the middle-east are a problem created and fuelled by the western world – I believe it is about time politicians in USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel and friends assume they have tremendous responsibility in the dramatic events that have been unfolding in that part of the world for decades. I’m not saying terrorism isContinue a ler “A better, peaceful 2017 – we desperately need it… Wars and terror must end.”

What do I see here? And you?

Behind Bars, from Pilgrims, chapter one: Walking to Fatima On the 13th of May 2015, 210000 pilgrims completed their epic journey and flooded Fatima’s Sanctuary willing to pay Nossa Senhora de Fatima a tribute, acknowledging the fact that, one way or the other, she took good care of them, protected them, saved them or savedContinue a ler “What do I see here? And you?”