What’s in a photo?


Terror é algo a que nos habituámos nos últimos anos. Sabemos que nenhum lugar é seguro, nenhuma cidade está a salvo. Esta fotografia retrata, de forma teatral, a potencial ameaça que todos enfrentamos nas nossas ruas, aeroportos, teatros, ciclovias. A postura do esqueleto, misto de admiração e terror, parece contrastar com a calma impassível dos muçulmanos que assistem aos movimentos da marioneta com crítica atenção. Os muçulmanos não são todos terroristas, longe disso – sabemos que a maioria do povo muçulmano não subscreve o terrorismo – mas a associação dos elementos nesta imagem parece querer levar-nos a tirar conclusões simplistas, imediatas.


No mesmo cenário, momentos antes: uma criança crescida demais aninha-se como pode num carrinho de bebé, escondendo-se atrás de um saco gigante de M&M’s, olhando de forma medrosa, desconfiada até, para o esqueleto. Será este um sinal dos tempos? Assimetrias galopantes entre cidadãos do mesmo país, miséria, quase fome e excessos convivendo lado a lado?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 70-200 F4 L USM. Leicester Square, London.


A better, peaceful 2017 – we desperately need it… Wars and terror must end.


Syria and the middle-east are a problem created and fuelled by the western world – I believe it is about time politicians in USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel and friends assume they have tremendous responsibility in the dramatic events that have been unfolding in that part of the world for decades. I’m not saying terrorism is an acceptable response, much less radical groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are welcome, far from it – what they do and the type of actions they value and inspire others practising are unspeakable. What I’m saying is that terror will carry on bringing more and more terror to western cities, killing innocent citizens indiscriminately; many of these victims, believe it or not, do not support the actions of western countries and their continuos intrusion in the middle-east. Stop this carneficina, bring freedom back to our streets, let us live our lives peacefully.

Human beings MUST cherish each other, regardless.

I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful New Year.

What do I see here? And you?

pfd6128Behind Bars, from Pilgrims, chapter one: Walking to Fatima

On the 13th of May 2015, 210000 pilgrims completed their epic journey and flooded Fatima’s Sanctuary willing to pay Nossa Senhora de Fatima a tribute, acknowledging the fact that, one way or the other, she took good care of them, protected them, saved them or saved their loved ones from becoming sick, from poverty or from something else – a miracle, so to speak. This family was expecting the procession to start; given the rise of racism against black people in the United States in recent years, I was struck by the fact that if you’re born black the likelihood of getting behind bars is much higher than if you’re white, unless you’re black and rich; if you are, you may be able to stick your hands out of misery, staying on the “white” side of life. When you are black I wonder what comes first, the colour of your skin or the size of your pocket – which type of racism really takes place… This family personifies the relationship black people has been enforced to have have with prison: their hands gently touch the bars, there seems to be a close relationship with the object, some sort of intimacy; the vagueness in the eyes of the patriarch glazing away like if there was nothing to say about their condition, confirming he is well away from where he is sitting and his wrists, where a pair of handcuffs could be preventing movement from his hands, are instead richly adorned by a pair of gold bracelets, the only part of his body actually out of “prison”.

I hope Nossa Senhora may give a helping hand to all the penniless or middle-class black citizens that end up in the line of fire of the american police – and help them to get rich and away from discrimination.