O Presidente da República escreve-nos, pela segunda vez


Na sequência da publicação do segundo volume de Floresta Negra, com o subtítulo “Inferno”, o Presidente da República voltou a endereçar-nos uma pequena missiva. “Inferno” foi integralmente produzido na zona de Pedrogão Grande, depois do grande incêndio que transformou indelevelmente toda a zona centro do pais e que causou mais de 60 vítimas mortais.

Senhor Presidente, bem-haja! Muito obrigado!

Guantanamo – If the light goes out Edmund Clark


“When you are suspended by a rope you can recover, but every time I see a rope I remember. If the light goes out unexpectedly in a room, I am back in my cell.” Binyam Mohamed, Prisoner #1458.

For eight years the American naval base at Guantanamo Bay on Cuba has been home to hundreds of men, all Muslim, all detained in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on suspicion of varying degrees of complicity or intent to carry out acts of terror against American interests. Labelled “the worst of the worst”, most of these men were guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many fell prey to the US military policy of paying bounty money for anyone that the Pakistani secret service, border guards or village leaders on both sides of the blurred Afghan–Pakistan border considered a possible or potential “suspect”, thereby becoming currency in the newly defined “War on Terror”.

Held in legal limbo for years and repeatedly interrogated, almost all have been released without charge, and only a very few have been tried in the special military commissions set up for the purpose. Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out illustrates three experiences of home: at the Guantanamo naval base, home to the American community; in the camp complex where the detainees have been held; and in the homes where former detainees, never charged with any crime, find themselves trying to rebuild lives. These notions of home are brought together in an unsettling narrative, which evokes the process of disorientation central to the Guantanamo interrogation and incarceration techniques. It also explores the legacy of disturbance that such experiences have in the minds and memories of these men.


More here: https://www.edmundclark.com/works/guantanamo/#1


What’s in a photo?


Terror é algo a que nos habituámos nos últimos anos. Sabemos que nenhum lugar é seguro, nenhuma cidade está a salvo. Esta fotografia retrata, de forma teatral, a potencial ameaça que todos enfrentamos nas nossas ruas, aeroportos, teatros, ciclovias. A postura do esqueleto, misto de admiração e terror, parece contrastar com a calma impassível dos muçulmanos que assistem aos movimentos da marioneta com crítica atenção. Os muçulmanos não são todos terroristas, longe disso – sabemos que a maioria do povo muçulmano não subscreve o terrorismo – mas a associação dos elementos nesta imagem parece querer levar-nos a tirar conclusões simplistas, imediatas.


No mesmo cenário, momentos antes: uma criança crescida demais aninha-se como pode num carrinho de bebé, escondendo-se atrás de um saco gigante de M&M’s, olhando de forma medrosa, desconfiada até, para o esqueleto. Será este um sinal dos tempos? Assimetrias galopantes entre cidadãos do mesmo país, miséria, quase fome e excessos convivendo lado a lado?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 70-200 F4 L USM. Leicester Square, London.


A better, peaceful 2017 – we desperately need it… Wars and terror must end.


Syria and the middle-east are a problem created and fuelled by the western world – I believe it is about time politicians in USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel and friends assume they have tremendous responsibility in the dramatic events that have been unfolding in that part of the world for decades. I’m not saying terrorism is an acceptable response, much less radical groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are welcome, far from it – what they do and the type of actions they value and inspire others practising are unspeakable. What I’m saying is that terror will carry on bringing more and more terror to western cities, killing innocent citizens indiscriminately; many of these victims, believe it or not, do not support the actions of western countries and their continuos intrusion in the middle-east. Stop this carneficina, bring freedom back to our streets, let us live our lives peacefully.

Human beings MUST cherish each other, regardless.

I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful New Year.