Amar-te é felicidade, produzido pela Chappa – Lauren Pinto

Com imenso orgulho que realizei e fui director de fotografia do video da Lauren Pinto “Amar-te é felicidade”. Magnífico, o cenário. 10 horas de recolha de imagem, 9 de edição, mais uma meia dúzia para o argumento e script. Estamos orgulhosos do que produzimos. Lauren, todos sentimos que este é o início de algo grande.Continue a ler “Amar-te é felicidade, produzido pela Chappa – Lauren Pinto”

The real price – Fujifilm GFX 50S

Plenty has been said about the price of the new medium-format camera from Fujifilm. More often than not comments are something like “fabulous piece of kit, uncanny image rendition and quality, unbelievable sharpness and detail, the minus being the price”. I’m not a medium format user, although I used to be back in the daysContinue a ler “The real price – Fujifilm GFX 50S”

What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?

Well, not much you may say. But you can do a lot, yes, indeed you can. I bought a pair of MCOPlus LED 322A video lights from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon, with the sole purpose of using them for still photography. At less than €75 each, they were a steal. Obviously, forget mega productions, massiveContinue a ler “What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?”