GFX 50s First Impressions

Unlike the vast majority of texts I’ve read over the last month or so this is not an article to let you know how awesome the GFX files are when it comes to detail, dynamic range, low noise and the lot – we already know that and to be honest it is a bit silly toContinue a ler “GFX 50s First Impressions”


The ultimate Fujifilm X Series Lenses comparison

Fujinon XF 16-55mm f2.8 R LM WR versus four Fujinon primes: 16mm f1.4, 23mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4 and 56mm f1.2 We all know the commitment Fujifilm has to provide the best lenses one can have. We also know, as a rule of thumb, that zooms are for versatility and primes for optical quality and imageContinue a ler “The ultimate Fujifilm X Series Lenses comparison”

Hyperion wrist strap

A few weeks ago I’ve reviewed Hyperion Camera Neck Strap – now I got a similar, but shorter, wrist strap from Hyperion. Well, different colour but all the same feeling, quality and plush. Hyperion is selling these camera straps on ebay – they are hand made in Greece; Pablo manufactures every single one with loveContinue a ler “Hyperion wrist strap”

Um calendário (nada) Medíocre

Dos meus grandes amigos Luís e Ana, publicado pela Medíocre, um calendário com ilustrações fabulosas da Ana Seia de Matos – não vos revelo todos os meses do ano, fiquem com água na boca – este é o calendário para 2017. Embalado de forma simples, com extremo bom gosto, este calendário da Medíocre é um belíssimoContinue a ler “Um calendário (nada) Medíocre”

Vinhos de Inverno – Festival Tinto no Branco, Viseu

Enorme, com E grande, Enorme celebração do Vinho e da Cultura – magníficos momentos, excepcionalmente organizados pela Câmara Municipal de Viseu – muitos parabéns à equipa de Jorge Sobrado, este evento não fica a dever nada a nenhum outro, em nenhuma parte do globo. Prova de vinho com os melhores néctares do Dão, ilustrados comContinue a ler “Vinhos de Inverno – Festival Tinto no Branco, Viseu”

What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?

Well, not much you may say. But you can do a lot, yes, indeed you can. I bought a pair of MCOPlus LED 322A video lights from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon, with the sole purpose of using them for still photography. At less than €75 each, they were a steal. Obviously, forget mega productions, massiveContinue a ler “What can you do with €150 worth of LED Light?”

Manfrotto Pixi and Pixi Evo

Roughly one year ago Manfrotto has launched the Pixi Evo, a miniature lightweight tripod with two-section legs and five adjustable steps. The Pixi Evo represents a design update over the original Pixi mini tripod, and is designed, in part, to support entry-level DSLRs with large lenses. I got mine from Hi-tech Wonder in Lisbon. Maximum load capacityContinue a ler “Manfrotto Pixi and Pixi Evo”

Genesis BH 34 Arca Swiss head and Giottos Carbon Fibre Tripod GT8223

I’ve been using this set for quite a while, both the Arca Swiss head from Genesis, model reference BH 34 and Giottos Carbon Fibre Tripod GT8223. For all of you out there working on a mirrorless based system, weight is paramount – at only 1150 grams (tripod 810 grams, head 340 grams), this is anContinue a ler “Genesis BH 34 Arca Swiss head and Giottos Carbon Fibre Tripod GT8223”

Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash Review – Part One

Boxing is typical Fujifilm X Series fashion, big black elegant boxes, white letters and graphics The brand new Fujifilm EF-X500 flashgun arrived yesterday straight from Fujifilm Portugal – actually I received a pair of these units. This is the first part of a detailed review that I started straight away, after all Fujifilm was missing aContinue a ler “Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash Review – Part One”

The Last of the Tile Makers publicado nos Estados Unidos

Publicado hoje pelo Viewfind, São Francisco, a série “The Last of the Tile Makers” – aqui publicada como “Baking Tradition into Tiles” que fotografei no Reino Unido em 2014. Conta a história dos últimos dias de vida da Keymer Tiles, manufactura fundada em 1588, que encerrava tudo o que era “quintessential” na cultura industrial britânica.Continue a ler “The Last of the Tile Makers publicado nos Estados Unidos”